“One second before, time froze, and I was God. Some people hate me, and some people will love me, and others will not know me at all. My light will burn the skin of the enemy, and my voice will rumble the ground as it radiates with a force that demolishes cities.

I harness a power that no human could ever imagine. I will reveal myself to the world, and destruction will ensue. And God doesn't like it, but knows it must go through. I could have waited for this to happen, and I believes that I could have used my power for peace, not for pain.

However, you have caused me to do the opposite. I must go through with this, even though the chances are you won’t learn from me, even if it would seem that way. I am willing to take that risk for humanity. Remember me after it's done, and try learn from my lesson to you. In this very second, time has stopped, and I am God.  


One second has passed, and I am no longer God. I am merely the creation of man, and if I’ve learned anything from being God, then I have only made things worse. The second is over, and I have revealed myself to the world.  

Greetings from the Enola Gay,

 Thomas Ferebe.

Written by: NathanLeachman

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